Day 2 In Review

Startup Weekend U of M – Day 2 Review

Startup Weekend.       54 hours.         One Weekend.

Time flies for ten teams moving from concept to working model.  These working models include phone app mock ups plus corresponding websites and all supporting programs. In addition, each team will produce a business plan and prepare for the final pitches which begin at 5:45 PM on Sunday.

Most of the ‘surviving’ ten final idea teams have not deviated from the original concept at the end of day two. Based on the list of survivors here is what the groups are up to:

1.  Kyle: Product name:

Premise: New business start ups are challenged in discovering needed complements to

their skill set. will provide a user friendly site and qualified matches.

2.  Amit: Product Name:  Securehealing

Premise: Hospitals are mandated to conduct audits which are difficult due to the

multiple systems operating within one hospital. Securehealing will provide an

interface enabling hospital systems to work together, prevent unauthorized access, and

provide alerts when issues arise.

3.  Toby: Product Name: Chefsperience

Premise: People desire to cook at home for the experience, for health, enjoyment

among other reasons. Customers can place an order for the quantity of diners and

Chefsperience will deliver the correct amount of specific ingredients, pictures,

detailed instructions and online support.

4.  Sachin: Product Name:  Alpha List

Premise: Tool where select business people will provide valuable early feedback to

Startups, assessing the value and viability of their plan.

5.  Jonathan: Product Name:  Food Circles

Premise:  A combination of social and location based application.  For example:

If you are a fan of Thai food you can find other Thai fans with additional similar

interests &/or existing friends to meet as a group at a Thai restaurant where you

will receive a discount or additional benefit from using the application.

6. Bhargav: Product Name:  Fun Bun

Premise: Produce a game, accessed through Facebook, that provides nutritional

information.  Gaming that is educational and fun.

7. Terry: Product Name:

Premise: Dialysis patients are often scared and guarded. is a social

network community where patients can securely share information, support and


8. Dan: Product Name:

Premise: People submit stories and then vote on whether the story is one of a child or a


9. Brandon: Product Name:  (pending) Location Based Reminders

Premise: Task list created on a phone will alert user when they are in the vicinity

of task location.  An example is your grocery list will alert you when you are near

the grocery store.  There are many additional features and possible uses with this


10. Anuj: Product Name:  Lrn2txt

Premise: Android application that parents can set up on child’s phone. After a set

number of texts, the child must answer grade level homework questions to resume


One additional group The Color Picker will not be presenting but is using the Startup weekend opportunity to produce an easy to use led light tool that is similar to color picker in Photo Shop.

All of the teams have great ideas.  It will be interesting to see which is the ultimate victor!

Thanks to Debbie [@dbourgois] of Girls in Tech Detroit for the guest post!

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