The Survivors

1.  Kyle: Finding other complements to your startup, dating site for cofounders

2.  Amit: Web-based/app retrieving audit logs within different hospital systems

3.  Toby: DIY Cooking—home food delivery service with cooking kit and instructions

4.  Sachin: Crowdsourcing alpha users (aka early warning system for people to build something people want)

5.  Jonathan: FoodCircles=dating for best friends.  Aggregates food & life preferences—restaurants get to go after demand

6. Bhargav: Develop socially networked mobile game to help encourage applications to a school (e.g. UM)

7. Terry: Dialysis social networking site for patients + place for businesses to contact the patients

8. Dan: Drunk or child?  Vote on experiences—were you naked on that tricycle as a kid or as a drunk?

9. Brandon: Location-based reminders: e.g. pay this bill when I get home.  Or tag what you want to reminded of and send to others: e.g. Mom buy me good food at Hiller’s Market

10. Anuj: Parents don’t pay for bad grades—make kids answer practice problems before they text

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