54 Awesome Pitches!

  1. Scott: Improving ways for entrepreneurs to find capital, crowd-source online
  2. David: He’s a programmer! Uses mint.com, but what happens to our banking account passwords? Create open-source alternative
  3. Kyle: Finding other complements to your startup, dating site for cofounders(!)
  4. Amit: Web-based/app retrieving audit logs within different hospital systems
  5. Toby: DIY Cooking—home food delivery service with cooking kit and instructions
  6. Thiru: Develop character-recognition software for the book industry, scan books to receive copy in a pdf/word doc
  7. Jacob: Mobile app encouraging people to get involved in the community—users can become city ambassadors
  8. Joshua: app/engine to search thru lyrics, match song lyrics, pronunciation
  9. Rahul: Tool to access open parking spots (mobile marketplace), e.g. can post open spots and travelers can search for them
  10. Bilal: visual multi-tool that is like a color sampler, can also wirelessly store colors onto computer
  11. Seth: solving pains of comment lists—help engage in meaningful conversation
  12. Chad: Facebook but way awesomer! Social networking platform to manage multiple profiles, and pay to post
  13. Sachin: Crowdsourcing alpha users (aka early warning system for people to build something people want)
  14. Sean: Personal transportation system for AA to find possible routes that are suitable
  15. Demien: Online shopping experience to mix&match clothes esp. for females ages 18-35
  16. Jonathan: FoodCircles=dating for best friends.  Aggregates food & life preferences—restaurants get to go after demand
  17. Josh: Creating avatar for online clothing shopping, works with databases of clothing co.  Clothe it online to see if it fits!
  18. Shaun: App to integrate social networking tools matching names to profiles to help remember names
  19. Dan: Solving wasted creativity + brainpower, creating database of ideas that have already happened (or not), and pulling key people
  20. Scott: Metacritic for products showing what’s good and what’s not, comparing various reviews
  21. Bhargav: Develop socially networked mobile game to help encourage applications to a school (e.g. UM)
  22. Morgan: Connects middle-aged women with hot undergrads to workout; better looking trainer for cheaper! Cougar Training
  23. Kyle: Web app to have homeless people earn money, gain reputation by helping solve problems + work with co.
  24. Kevin: Creating a richer news experience online via a format that’s based on what you’re interested in
  25. George: Improving ticket donations to help out disadvantaged children to go see something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to
  26. Billie: creating virtual currency you can use at your local business that help earn points (city-wide customer loyalty program)
  27. Hannah: Helping people match up the right pharmacy to the right prescription to the right person
  28. Vinayek: Know Thy Neighbor—provides specific info you want to share with people around you
  29. Dhiren: Restaurant recommendation engine linked with your friends’ preferences to find the real good stuff
  30. Sharad: App that combines all of your store cards + coupons so you can throw away those lengthy receipts (and buy diapers)
  31. Bart: Music stand that helps you press a pedal to turn the page when necessary (esp. for solo musicians)
  32. Terry: Dialysis social networking site for patients + place for businesses to contact the patients
  33. Alan: Evolved way of discussing—limit on what you can post to help stay relevant
  34. Seif: Helping track the influence and impact of your actions online
  35. Dan: Drunk or child?  Vote on experiences—were you naked on that tricycle as a kid or as a drunk?
  36. Ryan: QR codes—be able to redirect QR codes after it’s been printed
  37. Mike: Not Facebook—but connect incoming int’l students + American foreign language learners to encourage cultural & language exchange
  38. John: Sportly brings rec sports functionality in Facebook—quickly discover sports to play via your networks
  39. Lance: Improving email clients to help you sort through all of your mail + easily switch thru accounts
  40. Amanda: Thinking of You app—put up when you’re thinking about someone, find out data to see when/who is thinking about you
  41. Srini: Lasagana—identify what food is cooking around you and you sync up to grab extra food vs. takeout
  42. Brandon: Location-based reminders: e.g. pay this bill when I get home.  Or tag what you want to reminded of and send to others: e.g. Mom buy me good food at Hiller’s Market
  43. Adam: Tap your phone against someone else’s to schedule a meeting, making meeting up easier for consumers
  44. Paul: App that compares prices of foods for you, so you know where to get a great deal on your groceries
  45. Rachita: Better facilitating conversation within an enclosed environment, e.g. in an airplane
  46. Dave: Optimizing web-enabled TV devices
  47. Gint: Locally based-online contest that helps pull together local businesses and local users
  48. Farruk: Publishing wait times so that consumers can decide on how to use time, what to do next
  49. Dan: Helping filmmakers reach potential audiences to better incentivize groups to drive more watchers
  50. Anuj: Parents don’t pay for bad grades—make kids answer practice problems before they text
  51. Dennis: Helping fix up the healthcare system so that patients can take drugs they know that will help, not hurt
  52. Mohammed: Helping deliver creative products thru a better design process that has a stronger system that collects all notes to create best product possible
  53. Mark: Creating widget/method to help strengthen Mark’s current service
  54. Derrick: App that helps you list all the books you want, and calculate full cost of shipping + costs

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